Your Grade For Your Business Idea


Description: The scale gadget that safely gets bathroom scales out of the way!

Numerical Score
76 out of 100

  • Your idea (solution) is incredibly unique and/or will be seen as highly valuable.
    The need you've identified, or the relative value as compared to existing options is incredibly strong. The NEED metric is the most important, assuming the market is accessible.
  • Few, if any third-party dependencies.
    Congrats on having control over the major operations of your business. Not one company can ruin your business with one arbitrary decision. You have effectively mitigated a substantial risk that many small businesses undertake.
  • Big market size!
    You're going after a HUGE market with plenty of buyers. While this is good from one aspect, it also means you will have to fight beefier and more plentiful competition. Still, small to moderate success in this space will be life changing personally and financially. Home run success here and look out, you could become the next Elon Musk.
  • Ease of replication!
    Looks like once your idea is created, it will be easily replicated into thousands, perhaps millions of units. This mathematical truth can potentially change your life should you execute well - meeting demand won't be a problem. Assuming a market size that can support it, your ceiling for business success exponentiates. You might make it rain money.
  • Time is an ally, ease of automation
    Your idea can be separated from your time, and exist in time. This powerful relationship can eventually lead to the entrepreneurial holy grail, passive income. At some point, after your initial time investment into the business and its automation processes, your business will earn dual pay: Payment of money, and payment of time.
  • Your market is relatively easy to reach via ad/marketing initiatives.
    Ease of reaching potential buyers is a definite strength, although such ease usually means it's more expensive to do so.
  • Limited to zero repeat use.
    A big trouble spot here is that your product is a limited use product. This means that once you find your customer (either through expensive marketing or some other expense initiative) they are unlikely to buy again. Not because your product stinks, but because it just can be used once, like a book, a game, or a calculator. While this isn't the end of your idea, it is a facet that you must deal with by offering more options (For example, more books, more games, etc.) to continually leverage your customer list. Additionally, because your product is just a one-time (or two-time) deal, your marketing efforts will have to continually replace old customers with new ones. Build momentum will be a struggle.
  • Average entry barriers.
    The resources needed to launch this business (time, skill, money) could a concern, both in the short and near term future. Strong entry barriers stop others from competing with your business. Because this idea waffles in the middle, it might be a problem later.

B This is a better than average idea with some great strengths, far outweighing its weaknesses. Assuming your inputs are valid and verified (market size, use, need/value uniqueness) you should consider moving forward. Even average execution could be a life-changer.

Your Idea's Lifetime Potential Value Within The Execution Scale
The following chart are estimates of this idea's value based upon the assumption that you have the resources (time, money, skill) to bring the idea to market in a full committment.

Excellent Execution $20,000,000 or more...
Above Average Execution $10,000,000
Average Execution $5,000,000
Below Average Execution $1,000,000
Poor Execution $150,000 or less...


REMINDER: Your business idea's grade is based on the information you provided and follows the GIGO principle: Garbage In, Garbage Out. If you were not subjectively honest in your answers, or if your answers were based on faulty research and/or data, your grade will not be accurate.

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The C.E.N.T.S. Framework is a business strategy created by multi-millionaire entrepreneur and international best-selling author MJ DeMarco. As detailed in his two best-selling books The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted (translated worldwide in over two dozen languages) CENTS is an evaluation system that allows entrepreneurs to judge their ideas based on the their potential for life-changing outcomes: Massive success, financial freedom, passive income, and other results that go beyond just paying bills for the month and then repeating.

The CENTS Framework consists of 5 weighted factors as shown, plus an accessibility factor.

Want to discuss your business idea? Visit the forum and post a thread with a link to your evaluation!

  • Control: Will any one entity reign over your business?
  • Entry: How easy or hard will it be to compete against you?
  • Need: What kind of value proposition and skew will you offer?
  • Time: Can your value proposition exist separate from you?
  • Scale: How often can your value be consumed and by how many?
  • Access: Can you effectively reach your target audience?

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